Pre-Conference Workshops

Tuesday, November 29
9am to 12pm and 1pm to 4pm

The pre-conference workshops are sold out!

SOLD OUT! Pre-Conference Workshop 1 – Supporting Successful Tenancy

The objective of this workshop is to assist housing professionals in supporting successful tenancy as part of their day-to-day property management activities. The workshop explores the roles and responsibilities commonly associated with an effective landlord/tenant relationship. Participants will gain or reinforce their knowledge and skills to make improvements in their client relations activities.

This session is a modified version of the full FNHPA Supporting Successful Tenancy workshop; this event is being offered to provide an overview of the key elements of the full two-day workshop. The key elements of the workshop include: the benefits of and options to enhance communication, how to increase the potential for successful tenancy and, how to identify opportunities for tenants to understand and accept their responsibilities. This is an interactive event which includes small and large group discussions, case studies and a review of sample resources.
Facilitator: Roxanne Harper, Turtle Island Associates and Director, First Nations Housing Professionals Association
Roxanne is a partner in Turtle Island Associates Inc, an Aboriginal business committed to supporting the efforts of First Nation communities by providing housing advisory and training services. Roxanne has worked on Aboriginal housing issues for over 30 years and has extensive experience moderating workshops and facilitating community consultations.

SOLD OUT! Pre-Conference Workshop 2 – Procurement in First Nations

Procurement functions are about much more than bringing goods and services into an Indigenous community. It comes with huge expectations especially when you’re spending the community’s money. You need to operate transparently – dealing with dynamics of Chief and Council – all while navigating a web of procurement policies, procedures and legislation. This pre-conference workshop will focus on the main principle of procurement, describe the key stages in the procurement cycle, and how to develop your own procurement policies and procedures.
Facilitators: John Kiedrowski, Project Manager, First Nations National Building Officers Association
John has been involved with FNNBOA since 2000 working as their project manager. He has also been involved in many of the FNNBOA reports including the project on procurement.

Claude Lawrenson, Consultant, First Nations National Building Officers Association
Claude has been giving many of the FNNBOA webinars. Claude is of Métis descent. He was the Architecture Program Coordinator at St. Clair College and has been very involved in the construction/inspection industry. He has published books and reports on the building code and standards. Besides giving and managing the FNNBOA webinars, he helps to write the documents on procurement and other reports.

FNHPA Prior Learning and Assessment Review (PLAR) Session – Preparation Workshop
(This workshop will be delivered in the afternoon only)
Individuals with more than seven year of First Nations housing experience and are interested in obtaining the First Nations Housing Professional (FNHP) professional designation through the PLAR path will find this session interesting.
Individuals should bring draft or final content outlined in the PLAR Guide on the website and be prepared to work on building their PLAR portfolio. The purpose of the workshop is to provide a forum for like-minded candidates to come together and with the assistance of a facilitator learn about the process and tips on the best steps to follow; go through the process with the intent of completing a substantial part of the content necessary for the required portfolio; discuss educational and experience that demonstrates competency evidence; obtain instant feedback and work completed during the workshop; and identify further activities that may be required to submit a quality portfolio.
This workshop will assist individuals achieve the following objectives:
– Gain a better understanding of the PLAR policy, process steps, and tips to develop a portfolio with essential content.
– Receive individual coaching to help develop their portfolio.
– Engage in activity to develop their portfolio.
The workshop objectives will assist to confirm your eligibility to submit and complete a substantial portion of your PLAR portfolio.
Candidates should bring as much information as possible, such as:
– Job descriptions or job information covering the seven years or more
– List of educational activities and copies of related information
– Current resume or resume information
– Other information to support completion of the portfolio
Facilitator: Jim Pealow, Education Specialist, First Nations Housing Professionals Association